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Bumblebees (2 and a half years old to 3 and a half years old)

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Busy little Bumblebees…

When the children are aged 2 and a hald to 3 and a half years old they spend time in our light, bright, spacious Bumblebee room with its stimulating colours and exciting areas of learning. The Bumblebees have 2 groups that play together in the room. The 2 and a half year old children are known as the Bumblebees and they are led by our Second in Charge and then we have the Pre-School Bumblebees that are led by our Room Leader. As well as malleable play, construction, role play and craft areas, there are also both maths and literacy areas and a quiet area for stories and resting.

The room has its own bathroom which is well equipped for the different stages of the children’s toilet training, including nappy changing facilities.

Physical development plays a strong role in the children’s progression and the children are able to free flow between the secure garden and the room as they take part in both child initiated and adult initiated planned activities.

The children are encouraged to become more self-reliant and can help serve their own meals, as well as take part in self-registration each day. The children begin to explore letter sounds and some start writing some of the letters of their name. This all starts to prepare them for the exciting journey into our pre-school room.