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Childcare Funding

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Funding for 3 and 4 year olds

It is the term after your child has turned 3 that you will be eligible for funding and as a setting we offer the funding in term time only. You will have a choice as to whether your child to attends term time only or continue to attend all year round.

From September 2017 funding for early education changed. As well as the universal 15 hours there was the introduction of the extended hours. (Up to a further 15 hours of funding) Each eligible family is now offered up to a further 15 hours of funding, depending on the sessions that the child attends. There is a termly Parents consultation evening that explains the application process for the extended hours and any questions that parents might have about funding.

Please refer to our funding offer document for more information, eligiblity critera and how to apply.

Meals during these funded sessions are charged separately and prices can be found in our Nursery Fees April 2020.

We offer 7.5 hours of funding for a full or extended day and 3.75 hours of funding for a 8-1pm or 1-6pm session and a child can claim up to 30 hours of funding per week Nursery Fees Document and please note that if you have 2 or more children that attend the nursery the sibling discount will discontinue when you begin claiming the funding.


Funding for 2 year olds

Unlike 3 year old funding, children who qualify for 2 year old funding must meet certain criteria set out by the local authority. If you think you could be eligible for the funding please speak to a member of the management team who will be happy to help you further.