We believe that children are happiest and feel most secure when there are clear and set boundaries for behaviour. These boundaries also aim to ensure the safety of themselves and other children in their environment. The nursery has a Behaviour Management Lead and Deputy who are trained, kept up to date with guidance, legislation and research into child behaviour and assumes overall responsibility for guiding staff and parents with matters concerning behaviour. We aim to ensure all children are supported and provided with care, love, security, consistency and clear and fair boundaries in which they have opportunities for self expression, freedom to explore, support as individuals and in building a positive self-image.

Any child who behaves outside the acceptable boundaries, is given one to one support to uncover the cause of the unacceptable behaviour and positively reinforce the correct way to behave. Extreme or persistent challenging behaviour may rest in some “time out” with an accompanying adult who will go through the positive reinforcement procedure with the child and work to remedy the situation according to the child’s individual character, maturity and understanding. Recurring problems will be addressed in a holistic nature whereby we will work with the child’s parents, and external support if necessary, to fully understand the cause and appropriate action/need moving forward.