We are happy to administer any prescription medication at nursery provided your child has had a dose of the medication at least 24 hours before (i.e. it is not the first dose) and they are well enough to attend nursery. We will require your signature on the medication form for any medicines brought into nursery. Medication will only be administered if it is in the original container labelled with your child’s full name, the dosage required, when the medicine needs to be administered and the date it was prescribed. Any medication that does not meet these criteria and is not prescribed by a GP will not be able to be given. Long term medication, such as an inhaler for asthma, is able to be administered by staff. We have our own supply of Calpol and will administer this in the event that a child’s temperature rises suddenly (provided you have given us consent on the enrolment form). Should this be the case, you will be given a call to inform you and also to request your child is picked up from nursery. Staff are able to apply medication that is applied externally, such as eczema creams, provided we have your prior written consent.