Whilst the every measure is taken to ensure accidents are avoided, occasional accidents are inevitable with children and are a natural part of them becoming more physically developed, more exploratory and learning about their own abilities and the world around them. We have Pediatric First Aid trained staff on site at all times should an accident occur. Should your child have had an accident whilst in our care, depending on the severity of the incident, you may be called to inform you before you collect your child. Any head injury will automatically result in a call to the parent/ carer and will be monitored extremely closely thereafter. All accidents are recorded on an accident report sheet and require a parental/ carer signature upon collecting your child. In the unlikely event that your child requires further medical support, including that of the emergency services, the swift necessary action will be taken and you will be informed immediately. It is important that you inform a staff member should your child have suffered an injury or had an accident at home (no matter how small) when you drop them off at the start of their nursery session.