Forest School

The idea behind Forest School is to use positive outdoor experiences to inspire and uplift children of all ages. Through experiential learning in a woodland or other natural setting with trees and the natural environment around us. Forest School provides all children with regular opportunities to excel and develop confidence and self-esteem, whilst being able to take controlled risk.

We have an abundance of activities that the children enjoy such as building dens, investigating trails, utilising basic hand tools to create wooden objects, creating art, playing and climbing, and locating and identifying wildlife, children will be encouraged to discover, explore, observe, and ask questions about what they find in their outdoor environment. The children take part in risky play during Forest School, weather it be using a range of tools such as hand drills.

Being outdoors in the nature helps the children to learn about the outdoor environment, showing care and learning about our world around us, from caring for the plans and animals to looking after our environment.

We incorporate holistic play in our forest school which encourages the children to use their imaginations whilst exploring out in the Forest.

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