Our approach

Focus on Family…

Every child is viewed as a unique individual and nurtured within an inclusive and fair environment according to their own needs and personality. Each child is assigned a Key Person, someone they can form an instant bond with who is there to initially settle your child into nursery life and also ensure their development and fulfilment throughout their time together. However, each and every member of the team takes the time to get to know your child and their own individuality ensuring a welcome, stimulating and familiar environment for all.

We follow the Early Year’s Foundation Stage framework strongly believing that young children need to play in order to learn and understand about the world around them, make friends and build social skills and most importantly develop and get enjoyment from their day.


Unique individuals that are nurtured

Our vision & beliefs…

Being a family run nursery we strongly believe that a homely atmosphere is paramount. We are also passionate in our belief that all children are fascinating, individual little people with a lot to contribute to the wider world and it is our mission to ensure all our children are celebrated individually and every attribute of a child’s personality is understood and developed accordingly.


Our passion is to provide a safe, caring and inclusive environment where all children are happy, stimulated and relaxed and are able to develop to their absolute full potential. This environment will be an efficient, well maintained, comfortable and familiar place where children feel loved and supported. We strive to have a high consistency in teaching, and a strong culture of Safeguarding in our setting.

The first five years of a child’s life are important informative years, time spent with us will focus on the needs of the whole child and on tailored care to best suit their personal development and enjoyment. We want our children to leave the nursery having gained the confidence and skills to help them meet the challenges that lay ahead of them. It is our belief that the most effective way of helping to achieve this is through working closely with our parents. It is paramount to take into consideration the parents needs as well as the child’s and will make it our goal to provide the best quality childcare, both easily accessible and affordable, for parents, and for children to leave our setting happy, confident and independent learners.

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We are enthusiastic, dedicated and have a passion for working with children.