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Putting our vision to work…

Our aims and objectives set out the ways in which we will meet our vision to provide friendly, inclusive, high quality care and education for all children and their families.

Care, Learning and Play

We work within the statutory framework and practice guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage which aims to help children achieve the Every Child Matters outcomes to:

  • Be Healthy

  • Stay safe

  • Enjoy and Achieve

  • Make a Positive Contribution

  • Achieve Economic Well-being


We will provide an environment that supports and extends all children’s learning and development, including children with English as additional language and Special Educational Needs.

We will implement the Early Years Foundation Stage using planning that forms a learning journey which is responsive to individual children’s needs, interests and experiences.

Love and care is our first and foremost consideration. We will build secure attachments and support emotional development through loving relationships, with plenty of cuddles. We will meet the needs of babies and children by ensuring parents’ wishes are followed and we believe that the Key Person system facilitates liaison with parents and develops individual care and development routines taking into account the children home lives. All children will grow and develop by being encouraged to learn through play and to explore using a wide range of sensory experiences. We will support all babies and children to be keen, happy and confident learners by providing a wide and varied range of play experiences. Key Persons will support children and be “tuned into” their needs and interests to make sure these are met appropriately. Each child will be supported to become active, inquisitive and independent learners by providing an educational plan based on individual needs and interests and providing a mix between a structured approach to play and also free play.

Will we provide an environment where all children are safe. We will maintain staff to children ratios, carry out daily risk assessments and ensure all staff are trained to meet the health and safety of all children, including safeguarding and first aid.


  • We aim to work in partnership with parents by listening and responding to their views and concerns and respecting them as their child’s first educators.

  • We want to facilitate the sharing and discussion of their child’s development, achievements and progress. We will achieve this through daily feedback, sharing learning journeys, parent’s evenings, breakfast club and inviting parents as ‘helpers’ or to share skills or occupations with the child’s room.

  • We aim to offer support and advice to families and signpost them to other professionals or services that may be able to offer them additional support should this be required.

  • We will provide an environment that supports and extends all families and children’s learning and development, including families with English as additional language and Special Educational Needs.


  • We aim for staff to carry out our vision by meeting all the requirements set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

  • We will ensure best practice and quality of care by continuously evaluating our practice through the Ofsted self-evaluation, staff observations and continual action plans.

  • We will hold regular team meetings and in house training and development sessions.

  • We will develop individual training plans for staff which support qualification and continuous professional development and satisfaction.

  • We will ensure staff are fully up to date on the latest advice and guidance for childcare, such as safeguarding, behaviour management and health and safety.

  • We will operate an ‘open door’ policy whereby any member of staff feels comfortable to offer suggestions, initiatives or to discuss any concerns.

  • We will ensure staff feel valued, supported and enthused in what they do.

Reviewing and staying relevant

We will review our overall aims and objectives yearly via the following methods:

  • Staff surveys

  • Parent surveys

  • Children’s feedback

  • Management review meetings

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