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The importance of caring collaboration…

The relationships we form with our parents are an integral part of what we do. It is important that a child’s growth and development is integrated between nursery and home and we hugely value parental input.


Upon drop off each day we ask how your child is and feedback to you at the time of pick up how your child has been, the activities they’ve been involved in as well as what they have eaten throughout their time with us that day. We hold parents evenings and send out a newsletter each term as well as encouraging parents to take away and return a Home-To-Nursery book each week. We have also recently started updating our blog with weekly updates and are about to become active on Facebook where parents are able to stay in touch with the nursery on a daily basis. We are also aiming to have a dedicated closed group where parents can talk online to one another as part of a Bell House community.


There is always opportunity to discuss your child’s care and progression with their key person, room lead or with one of the management team. It is through open dialogue and consistent dedication to communication that we are able to constantly review our practices to ensure we are always doing our utter best.¬†Parents are also welcome to join in nursery life and some of existing parents come into read stories, talk about what they do, help and play with the children.