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Safe and sound…

It goes without saying that in all aspects of what we do the safety and security of our children is absolutely paramount. We employ exceptionally high standards of care and vigilance and constantly review the setting, risk assessing on a daily basis. All staff are trained in areas of safety, security and first aid and are themselves vigorously vetted before starting work with us. We work hard to ensure the nursery environment is as safe as it can possibly be whilst still allowing the children a sense of freedom and facilitating safe independent exploratory learning. No compromises are made when ensuring the safety, hygiene and wellbeing of our children.

Entry to the nursery is only possible via a state-of-the-art finger print recognition system or via ringing the bell and awaiting a staff member. The use of mobile phones is prohibited within the nursery unless expressly agreed. Any visitors are met by a staff member and asked to sign in and those picking up a child who are not the usual authorised adult are required to give a password predetermined, and only divulged, by the child’s parents.

The nursery setting, including the outside play area and the car park, is monitored by CCTV and regular head counts, updates on departures and arrivals are performed throughout the day.

Staff and children adhere to strict hygiene policies and the premises, equipment and toys are kept clean, sanitary and safe.

Comprehensive safeguarding policy

We have a very comprehensive safeguarding policy that we, as childcare professionals, follow to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. We have specifically trained staff who are responsible for implementing all elements of our safeguarding policies and procedures. However, the entire Bell House team are aware of their individual duties regarding matters of child protection and we conduct regular training and reminders in our safeguarding policies and procedures. It is of course imperative we ensure all our own staff are suitable to care for children and therefore they must undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check prior to being given any unsupervised access to the children. Further detail of our safeguarding policy can be found on our Policies and Procedures page.

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