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The one thing I love about working at Bell House Nursery is that everyone is so passionate about their work and has the desire to do a great job and to succeed in whatever role they are in. It is a family run nursery which makes it a more personal environment to work and plenty of opportunities to continuously learn, develop and progress. Bell House Nursery is a fun and rewarding place to work.

– Jo, Ladybirds Room Leader


I started working at Bell House Nursery in March 2015 after working for the country’s largest chain of nurseries. To me the fantastic thing about Bell House is the fact it is an independent nursery that puts the children first. Unlike other nurseries, outings are encouraged and a common sense approach means that all ages are able to visit and become involved in their wider community.
Decisions that improve outcomes for children are made quickly and the nursery is always looking at their practice and making improvements when needed. The outside area is fantastic and after the weekend it looks as good as new thanks to Andy and his power cleaner!

– Tracy, Deputy Manager


I enjoy working at Bell House as it has given me the opportunity to be an apprentice, gaining experience whilst working towards my qualification. The staff are friendly and supportive, and I enjoy being part of a well-structured and hardworking team.

– Lauren, Bumblebees – Apprentice


The support and help that has been given to me has helped me gain my qualification in level 3 childcare whilst working. Really enjoy being part of such a lovely team.

– Emma, Bumblebees – level 3 practitioner


There is a hugely supportive staff team, there are always opportunities to try out any ideas you may have and management are always keen to hear feedback. The nursery has a lovely family feel which is good for a home from home environment for the children and making them feel comfortable. It can also be a very stimulating and colourful environment and there’s always plenty of different things for the children to see and do.

– Phoebe – Bumblebees – Level 3 Practitioner


I really enjoy working at Bell House Nursery because I work with a really good team who show such support on a daily basis as well as having a good imagination to continually provide wonderful daily activities for the children.

– Sophie – Bumblebees – Apprentice


Bell House is such a happy and fun environment and I look forward to coming into work every day as I know each day is different and fun for both staff and children.

– Alice – Bumblebees – Room Leader


I started at Bell House as a trainee in 2012 and was fully supported in doing my level 3 qualification in childcare. Now in 2015 I am the room leader of Butterfly’s. Bell House is very dedicated to ensuring the children get the best care possible. We are very child led allowing the children to have a choice in activities and free access in choosing what they would like to play with, this in turn means the children learn and develop at their own pace. It is a pleasure to work for Bell House, watching the children grow and getting to know their families as well.

– Sophie – Dragonfly’s Room – Level 3 Room Leader

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